Forest School

Bird Looking Down

Here at Brock House Day Nursery we believe learning within the outdoor environment is an important aspect in children’s early years. Offering them the opportunity and experience of forest school is a beneficial way of doing this.

Within our staff team we are fortunate enough to have a qualified forest school leader and several Forest school assistants. We offer forest school sessions once a week, to our pre-school children. These sessions take place at Norton Fitzwarren Primary School.

What is Forest school?

Forest school is a stimulating process that will offer all of the children at Brock House opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self esteem through hands on learning experiences in a natural environment.

Ultimately it is designed to be:

A way for children to take appropriate risks and to be independent




What we do at Forest school.

There are a range of activities that are carried out within our forest school sessions ranging from making bird feeders to jewellery. All of our activities are fully risk assessed to ensure the children’s safety.

All activities are designed to meet the learning criteria of the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as being inclusive for all children and their individual learning styles. They are also designed to encourage risk taking and independence to develop their confidence and self esteem.

Health and safety.

Prior to the children attending any forest school sessions we ask parents to complete a medical form which we take to every session in case of an emergency.

In order for the children to get to the forest school session at the local primary school, they walk. The ratio is one adult to two children. The children also wear hi-vis vests. Once at the school, the ratio is one adult to three children.

The qualified forest school leader is always present for all sessions.

We ask that parents provide suitable clothing depending on the time of year. Children must always be fully covered with long sleeved trousers and tops.

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