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Morning sessions run for 5 hours from 8am-1pm and afternoon sessions for 4.75 hours from 1pm-5.45pm. You will be charged for the whole session regardless of how many hours your child is actually here, as you are free to come and go with your child within those session times if you wish.

Fees  for Grant funded children from April  2019 (3-5 year olds)

Morning session: £4.85 an hour equates to £24.25 per morning

Afternoon session: £4.85 an hour equates to £23.00 per afternoon.

Fees for non grant funded children from April 2019 (birth-3years old)

Under 15 hours per week: £4.85 an hour

Over 15 hours per week: £4.20 an hour 

If you're child is only accessing the EYE funded hours and no additional hours, fees will apply for meals and snacks as follows; 

Lunch and morning snack: £3.50

Tea and afternoon snack: £3.00

All Meals: £6.50 (food costs remain the same as the last 2 years.)

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