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Spring Term 2021









The Ducks are focussing on the story of the '3 Little Pigs', doing activities that include decorating houses with straw and sticks, having a go at building their own strong 'brick' houses using the wooden blocks and playing 'wolf' games out in the garden!

The Ducks have recently welcomed a few younger children from the baby room, so they will be teaching some of the routine to those children, helping them to settle in. Self-registration, family time activities and using a knife and fork duing meal times are just a few of these that they will be helping to teach. 

We will also be focussing on shapes for our mathematical development, matching them up, naming them and going on shape hunts. 

Some lovely Valentine's Day crafts will also be taking place shortly.




This term the Swans are learning the story of 'Goldilocks and the three bears' for their talk for writing focus. The children will be doing all sorts of exciting activites based around this story, including making porridge, exploring different sizes and talking about feelings. 

We have created a 'WOW Moments' display board for the children to put up their own achievements. Focussing lots of self-praise, building on confidence and self-esteem and talkinging positively to each other, praising each other for our efforts. 

Letters and sounds groups are continuing, the younger children are focussing on tapping in time, exploring rhythm and clapping out syllables in our names. The older children are focussing on alliteration and rhyme. 

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year, this year is the year of the Ox and it is being celebrated on 12th February. 

Nursery Closures 2021

Bank Holidays:

Friday 1st Jan 2021- New Years Day

Friday 2nd April - Good Friday

Monday 5th April - Easter Monday

Monday 3rd May - May Bank Holiday

Monday 31st May - Late May Bank Holiday

 Monday 30th August - Late Summer Bank Holiday

Brock House Wet Bags

We have our own Brock House Design Wet Bags Available for just £7.50. These are perfect for those wet clothes, reusable nappies and more importantly, perfect for the environment! If you would like one, please speak to your child's keyworker or see Deana or Becky in the Office.

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