Ducks (Toddler Area)

Bird Looking Down

The Ducks Room

Our Ducks Room caters for our children aged 2-3 years, the room has easily accesible bathroom facilities and doors into the outside play area, allowing for free-flow into the garden. 

In addition, our 'Rainbow Room' is situated within this area. The Rainbow Room is our toddler sleep room that allows children to rest in a quieter space. This area has recently been redeveloped to create a Cosy Corner, this includes day beds, Teppee Beds, Fairy Lights & Cosy Soft Furnishings. 

Our Ducks engage in rich play experiences appropriate to their age and stage of development; these activities include painting, water and sand play, construction, role-play and physical experiences are offered reguarly to encourage fine and gross motor skill development.

Within this age group there is a strong focus on personal skills; including toilet training and becoming independent in feeding and dressing themselves. Additional to this, we encourage social skills as the children begin making friends and working together more collaboratively. All of these aspects help to prepare the children in their move across to the Swans room. 

Children will move through to the Swans in the September after their third birthday, this move often happens quite naturally as they become older and ready for more challenging activities. Similarly to the transition to Ducks from Ducklings, their transition over to Swans will include being introduced to their new key worker and play sessions will take place throughout the quieter summer weeks.

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